About the Readoer

I’m not terribly fit-looking, am I? 😉

Hello, Readoer.

You honour me by your curiosity. I can’t blame you. I am a curious creature, after all.

My friends (read: all who know me) call me Ishan. So that’s what you would call me, too. 😉 You would find me in Varanasi, India. The land of the infinitive god Mahesh. The land of temples, of sadhus, and of, above all, the history of history. The land that deserves a visit from you before you die.

I am 13, and no, I’m not unlucky (a joke only the superstitious would laugh at). Books blessed me at an early age with a craning curiosity of the world around me, and in many ways, I’ve satisfied it. I’ve found a home amid the stars, and that is where I live. Far from the human malevolence that plagues the planet, residing in a more beautiful world of order and meaning. Of sense and sciences. Of secrets and seekers.

Of Reado and Readoers.

What about you? Tell me about yourself in the comments below.