About Reado

Think. Reado.

Here you will (assuredly) chance upon my web equivalent of an adda. This is the place where I blog my published newspieces, articles, tech stuff, and mind-boggling revelations on everything science. You could expect to find:

  • The Mars Pentalogy (coming up soon, hold your breaths)
  • The Far-Fetched Future (think autonomic automobiles, buyable artificial shooting stars, space wars. Yay!!)
  • 10 TED Talks (playlists comprising 10 power-packed interactions on TED.com that cover a staggering behemoth of a variety of topics.) You get hoe big that is, don’t you? ;););)
  • Stuff of psychology (science-reinforced lie-detection, the neural makeup of psychotic killers, priceless psychology hacks)
  • Stuff of science (string theory dejargonized, multiverses, top 10 stellar myths)
  • Stuff of stuff (things that go on at a minuscule subatomic level. Think mesons and bosons, only with the botanist-level of nomenclature complexity jettisoned.)

While I may sound like an Einstein-hairstyled geek, I make a promise right now to send your fears flying out of the window:

I will never, EVER, use a word that goes like a bouncer up your head. 😉

Because I’m like most of you guys out there. Einstein’s calculations never made sense to me as well. So let’s be friends. Not high-school teachers and disciples. Promise.



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